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Primary Colors

jQuery D3 Wordpress

This site helps voters keep track of their Democratic candidates and how they are voting. Featuring a responsive D3-based map where users can find out the scores of their local congresspeople. The site is built from PHP/JS on top of Wordpress core. The scores are updated monthly and fed into a MySQL database for map and data plotting.

The Primary Colors backend is all custom built and becoming more modular with each release. My next goal is to build in more functionality with creating dynamic maps and graphs.

If You Make It

PHP MySQL Premiere Pro

If You Make It is a music website that I founded back in 2006. Since it's inception the site has strived to feature artist's that somehow escaped the spotlight. I regularly post free music, hilarious comics and articles by amazing artists. IYMI is also home to widely popular Pink Couch Sessions, one of the internets first acoustic video series.

The site features a custom back and front-end system run on a combination of PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. The entire front-end is template driven for easy maintenance and cleanliness of code. The sites colors and design are an homage to the color scheme I use with Sublime Test 2; Monokai Soda.

IYMI’s monthly visits were once over 60,000.

Lume Creative

jQuery ZURB Foundation SSP Director

All hail ZURB and their wonderful Foundation Framework. The client needed their flash-only site updated to allow clients view their recent work on all devices.

To do this, I hooked into their image backend and used SlideShowPro's API to pull the images from each album.I quickly and cleanly gave Lume a fresh start without losing the design aesthetic of their original site.

Utilizing PHP templating and jQuery slideshows, I was able to create a lean mobile-friendly site, in half the time it usually takes.

Greene Hill Food Co-op

PHP Wordpress

Clinton Hill's food cooperative needed a new website that was mobile friendly and that users could easy navigate and become members. Their old site had a glut of information but with no real structure or navigation. Focusing on responsivity, I designed a layout that could easily stack on mobile devices but also provide desktop users with an intuitive feel and look. Multiple administrators with different technical backgrounds use this backend so it was formatted with usability in mind.

The entire site is built on a Wordpress backend and fully responsive using media queries.


Custom Wordpress

Built on a Wordpress background with a custom Flash MP3 player, Refiltered brings together the best in free music. The site features a distinct and easy to use update system that allows labels to add their own albums and artists. The goal of Refiltered was to help labels catalog and label their releases. I also wanted to give users the ability to subscribe to labels via Wordpress' RSS.

The Flash player uses PHP generated RSS files to populate itself on demand.

Pink Couch Sessions

Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro Soundbooth

I started the Pink Couch Sessions at a time when live music sessions were hard to come by in 2006. As a testament to my love of music (and inspired by La Blogotheque) I set up a small studio in my apartment where I ended up recording over 150 bands. The top 3 videos each have each received over 100k views on YouTube.

I used an array of equipment and audio/visual tools.

Laura Stevenson

Adobe Creative Suite Foundation 4

This band (that I was in!) needed a website that was also mobile friendly to keep track of tour dates, music releases, promotions and more. The site’s overall design is replicated on the band's Tumblr, as well.

Utilizing Zurb's Foundation framework and a custom made template, I was able to have a rapid development cycle. The webstore ties into PayPal and Google Wallet using a heavily patched PlumJS system.


Photo by Nancy Hoang at

I've been drumming since I was 12 and joined my first real band when I turned 20 called "He's A Cop?!". Here's a list of bands that I've been in over the years. You can hear songs using the handy-dandy Soundcloud player.

  1. He's A Cop?!
  2. Air Raid Barcelona
  3. Halo Fauna
  4. Golden Age of Radio
  5. The State Lottery
  6. Thousandaires
  7. Kudreau
  8. Laura Stevenson

In the last 10 years I've been on multiple tours across the US and throughout Europe. I've recorded 4 LPs and 10 EPs, most which have been released on both vinyl and digitally.

The records have been on a multitude of labels including Don Giovanni, Salinas and Plan-It-X Records.


A complete web designer, I see design and programming as inseparable elements. They work together to create an attractive, accessible platform for your content. I have extensive experience in the multiple languages (jQuery/Javascript, PHP, MySQL) and Content Management Systems. I build websites with user-friendly back-ends tailored to the client's needs, making updating a simple and painless process.

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